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Birds have a way of connecting us with a world that's bigger than ourselves. Birds connect us with home. Birds connect us with the past. Birds help us to live in the present. Birds help us to imagine the world as it can be. Through our awareness of our feathered neighbors, birds connect us with trees, insects, spiders, lichens, bryophytes, and more! Birds connect us with landscapes, soundscapes, seasons and regions. Birds are one of nature's great connecting forces which can help us more fully realize our place of belonging in the ecosystems within which we live. The practice of Relational Birding brings this experience to the forefront.

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June 27-29, 2024

$500 per person

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About Rich

"I remember the first time I watched a sapsucker drilling sap wells on the trunk of a maple tree in early spring. I remember the ruby-throated hummingbird that drove the woodpecker off in an attempt to claim the sweet tree-nectar for itself and the golden-crowned kinglet who arrived on the scene as soon as the woodpecker and hummingbird were out of sight. What did a kinglet want with a sap flow? I watched in amazement as the resourceful kinglet picked off every fly that was attracted to the sap! I knew then that for me, birding had to be about more than species identification. Birding is a way to engage my sense of wonder and curiosity, to follow the strands of connection forged between birds and their environments. What I call Relational Birding has been my pathway to embracing my own place of belonging as part of nature's community." -Rich Hanlon, Naturalist Educator, Relational Birder, and Adirondack Guide

Rich has an Environmental Studies degree from Penn State, he is a New York State Licensed Guide and he is a Certified Interpretive Guide through the National Association for Interpretation.

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Private Outings

Wild Neighbors Nature Connection offers guided birding services primarily in Franklin, Essex, and St. Lawrence Counties in NY. Whether you're interested in developing new birding skills, locating target species,  or digging deep into an understanding of birds and their environments, Wild Neighbors Nature Connection can help you make the most of your next Adirondack birding experience. Guiding fees are $200 for each full-day (6-8 hours) and $100 for each half-day (1-4 hours). Payment options include Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay. Contact Wild Neighbors Nature Connection about scheduling your private outing

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