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If not for the adventure, do it for the sunrise chorus of singing Bicknell's thrushes, blackpoll warblers, ruby-crowned kinglets and other boreal specialties.

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Trip Itinerary

Wild Neighbors Nature Connection is hosting a three-day guided backpacking trip into the Adirondack High Peaks to enjoy Bicknell’s thrushes, boreal chickadees, and other mountain birds.

Day 1- Begin at Heart Lake and hike about 2.5 miles to the campsite near MacIntyre Falls, where we plan to set up camp. 

Day 2- Rise two hours before daylight to hike roughly 1/2 mile to be in the krummholz zone (where stunted spruce and fir trees grow) where Bicknell's thrush makes a home. This will be an opportunity to enjoy a dawn chorus which includes the songs of Bicknell's thrushes, ruby-crowned kinglets, winter wrens, and blackpoll and yellow-rumped warblers. We are also likely to hear the drumming of black-backed woodpeckers. You’ll have opportunity to learn about the appearance, behavior, and ecology of each above listed species. This location should be devoid of noise pollution. Then, we'll make our way to the summit of Algonquin Mountain where some beautiful alpine wildflowers should be in full bloom. Depending on group interest, we may hike to the nearby summits of Boundary and Iroquois. We'll plan to sleep at the campsite near MacIntyre Falls.

Day 3- We'll enjoy another Adirondack Alpine dawn chorus before hiking the 2.5 miles back to Heart Lake.

Breakfast and dinner will be provided on day 2, dinner will be provided on day 1, and breakfast will be provided on day 3.

Bring your own backpacking gear. Your guides will consult with you on what to bring.

Rich Hanlon and Pat Bixler will be your guides.

Cost is $500 per person. Registration limited to 6 individuals.

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