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Waterfalls n' Foliage Tour

Visit one of four stellar waterfall hikes within five miles of the Adirondack town of Wilmington, NY. Let the gift of the Adirondack landscape wash over you while enjoying autumn colors and the beauty of cascading waters.

Experience the Art of Sauntering

Sauntering is a way of being and of moving about in wild places through which a person recognizes the land as holy and discovers themselves as part of it. In the wild places they visited, American Nature Writers like Henry David Thoreau and John Muir encountered mystery, connection to something bigger than themselves, peace they could not fully articulate, and experiences that transformed them. That's what makes wild places holy. Enjoy the trail while engaging in the sauntering methods of Thoreau and others. This can be made to be a handicapped accessible experience.


Nature Connection Excursions

Meet the Adirondack Park's colorful cast of characters. Make the acquaintance with the pioneers, collaborators, tricksters, free spirits and non-conformists of nature's community. Learn some of the relationships that connect forest organisms bringing dynamic balance to the collective whole. Nature Connection Excursions can involve lots of trail walking or no walking at all. This can include traversing some of the most challenging terrain in the Adirondack Park, or it can be made to be a handicapped accessible experience.

Nature Connection Programs for Kids

For families and community groups. Maybe it's exploring the insect life in a creek or in a rotting log in the forest. Maybe it's seeing birds and small mammals up close at the Bloomingdale Bog and learning about their lives and relationships. Maybe it's a short hike where we learn about the rocks of the Adirondacks (and some that can be picked up with a magnet!). You can expect Wild Neighbors Nature Connection Programs for Kids to be fun, engaging, and educational.

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Guided Birding

Whether you're hoping to locate and observe a specific species or you'd like a more general look into the lives of the birds who make a home in New York's Adirondack Park, this is for you!  Depending on the bird species participants wish to experience, this may be a multi-stop tour. Birding Tours can be made to be a handicapped accessible experience.

Whiteface Mountain Tours

(May 20-October 10)

From lakeshore to mountaintop, discover yourself in the story of young mountains, ancient rocks, and a glacier carved landscape that's home to well-adapted Adirondack wildlife. Meet the endangered Bicknell's thrush, the hardy mountain sandwort, and other wild neighbors. Learn the fascinating history of Whiteface Memorial Highway. Find your peace among the mountain's awesome vistas and stratified habitat zones.  Client is responsible for Whiteface Memorial Highway fees.

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