Helping create a world where wildlife and all of nature are known as neighbors.


Every Wild Space has a story to tell. Get the most out of your experience in the wild spaces of North-Central Pennsylvania with My Wild Neighbors Interpretive Events.

Upcoming Events:

Sights and Sounds of Songbird Migrants at Roundtop Park

What would life be without music? When you're traveling in your car listening to the radio chances are that you know the artists of the songs you're enjoying. Now you can get to know the names and personalities of the colorful musicians who saturate our forests with song every Spring! Meet at Roundtop Park at the parking lot nearest the upper vista by the flag pole at 8:00am on Sunday May 16th. 

Summer Nature Series at Riverfront Park

Discover Nature, Discover You, and Celebrate God’s Love for Us All.

You won't want to miss these weekly Nature Programs every Sunday morning during the months of June, July and August beginning Sunday June 6th. Expect a one hour interactive nature program that is fun and engaging. Meet at Riverfront Park in Sayre, PA at the parking area nearest the boat launch Sunday mornings at 8:00am. 


If you have questions about any scheduled nature outings, contact Rich at RHANLON@SUSUMC.ORG or 412-992-6648.


"I learned so much! I really liked your activities and how you made everyone a nature observer and participant." -Monika

"I enjoyed spending time on the trail with my friends and meeting a new friend as well." -Dorothy

"I loved getting to know some new species of plants like the dwarf juniper as well as the beech drops and the different species of goldenrod ... I was expecting things to be pointed out and identified along the trail. It was that and more. There were moments when it felt like a Shirin-Yoku experience." -Betty

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