Kindling Neighborly Connections between People and Nature.


Every Wild Space has a story to tell. Get the most out of your experience in the wild spaces of North-Central Pennsylvania with My Wild Neighbors Interpretive Events.

Upcoming Events:

Animal Tracks and Sign at Riverfront Park

Join Rich for a short walk at Riverfront Park to see and learn about the signs and behaviors of beavers, squirrels, and other mammals that are very active during this early Fall season. Meet near the boat launch at Riverfront Park at 10am on Saturday October 9th. 

Meet the Author Event at the Mad Hatter Café in Athens, PA

Join Pastor, Nature Guide, and Author Rich Hanlon for some sample readings of his most recent book. The Call of the Raven is a book about self-discovery and nature's diverse community revealed through a collection of Rich's reflections of time spent in the northern part of the Pine Creek Gorge. Drop by the Mad Hatter Cafe at 1:00pm on Saturday November 13th to hear some stories behind the stories, and you can even purchase a signed copy of Rich's book for $12. 

If you have questions about any scheduled nature outings, contact Rich at RHANLON@SUSUMC.ORG or 412-992-6648.

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