Kindling Neighborly Connections between People and Nature.


Every Wild Space has a story to tell. Get the most out of your experience in the wild spaces of North-Central Pennsylvania with My Wild Neighbors Interpretive Events.

Upcoming Events:

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge (August 19, 20, and 21)

Rich will be volunteering to do some nature guiding for Adirondack Wildlife Refuge August 19-21. Follow this link to AWR's website to learn more about this super-cool organization focused on helping injured wildlife and educating people about wildlife and their habitats. 

Fallin' into Fun at Satterlee Creek Environmental Center (Saturday October 2)

Mark your calendars because this is one community event you won't want to miss! There will be enjoyable activities for adults as well as kids from 10am-2pm on Saturday October 2 at Satterlee Creek Environmental Center. The fun will include a variety of nature connection events such as guided walks in the diverse habitats of SCEC, stream bug programs, and more! 

If you have questions about any scheduled nature outings, contact Rich at RHANLON@SUSUMC.ORG or 412-992-6648.

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