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Great for Audubon Society groups, School groups, and other nature-oriented organizations. Sometimes when spending time in nature isn't in the cards, you want nature brought to you. Nature Connection Programs are interactive presentations designed to reveal something about nature's community that will inspire a sense of wonder and connection. Some topics include the following:
-Adk Birds! (learn about 5 species of Adirondack birds and the habitats they call home)
-Adk Bird Neighborhoods (Bird species composition and interactions in 10 Adirondack habitats)
-Birding Hotspots Not in the Travel Books (Places not even listed on eBird!)
-Don't Take Birds for Granite (rocks, birds, dinosaurs and how it's all part of the same story)
-Variety, the Spice of Life in the Adk's and Everywhere Else (a look at biodiversity in the Adk's)
-Take a Lichen to the Forest (Lichen relationships with trees, bugs, birds, and everything else)
-Nature's Symphony (Interpreting the Soundscape of the forest community)
-Who Goes There? (a look at Adirondack wildlife tracks and sign)
-Nature's Neighborhoods (a virtual walk through Adirondack Park habitats)
-Small Neighbors, Big Impacts (all about the gifts that bryophytes bring to nature's community)
-Rock Top Communities (today's rock top communities reveal how post-glacial forests began)
-Spruce it up (Learn about conifer forest communities of the Adirondacks)
-Extreme Bog Plants! (how some plants flourish where most wouldn't survive)

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