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Spiritual Services: Offering Neighborly Wisdom from Sacred Texts

"For me, the primary thrust of religion, faith, and spirituality is nothing magical or otherworldly. It's about finding peace as well as inspiration and empowerment to be a neighbor. I find deep meaning in sharing neighborly wisdom from sacred texts via study groups, conversations, lectures, and sermons. What the world needs now more than ever is human beings who want to be neighbors to the full-diversity of human life and the full diversity of wildlife in the ecosystems within which we live and move about. I speak primarily out of a Christian context because it is what I've known and studied, while also recognizing that there are a variety of equally relevant spiritual and religious paths to finding peace as well as inspiration and empowerment to be a neighbor. With this neighborly focus, wisdom from all variety of spiritual and religious traditions may be welcomed." -Rich Hanlon

Spiritual services include the following:

-Small group studies




Church service sharing nature's collaborative wisdom
forest retreat
Church service reflecting on nature as a celebration of diversity
Forest walk conversing about spirituality with a friend
Spiritual Services: Welcome


Contact Rich to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Spiritual Services: Text
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