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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Night Walk

Among the most gratifying experiences for this nature guide is the chance to gift another with their first owl sighting! I got to do just that two nights ago at the Diahoga Trail in Athens, PA. After dusk I hit the trail with my friends Kevin, Caleb, and Parker. The highlight was the moment that a gray phase Eastern screech owl flew directly over our heads and then perched close enough for us to get a really good looks! 

Like other owl species, an Eastern screech owl’s diet includes small rodents…yes, the same kind of small rodents that many of us take measures to eradicate from our homes. This means that, the next time you are in a state of disharmony with the rodents near you (if at all possible) it’s important to avoid using toxic chemicals like rat poison. Your neighborhood owls are counting on your support to keep their home (which includes even the smallest urban woodlot) free of chemicals that could harm them and their families.

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