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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Seldom Seen Blooms of Tuliptree

I remember the first time I stumbled upon it in the woods; the sweet aroma of Tuliptree in bloom. I had been out hiking through a deciduous forest and it was like I walked into a cloud of a subtle sweet smell that captivated me. I had to find out where it was originating. I searched for twenty minutes before realizing that the aroma was descending from the branches high above! 

Usually you have to have a big ladder or tree climbing equipment to enjoy the beautiful blooms of our Tuliptree neighbors, but yesterday I was fortunate to find a couple with eye-level blooms along Main and Edward Streets in Athens, PA. 

The flowers are very upright and look green from the side or from below, but take a look at one from the top down and WOW! That orange really pops! The first thing I always notice about Tuliptrees are the straight trunks and squared-off maple-like leaves. But, if it's June, the sweet aroma of Tuliptrees blooms are sure to be the first thing about it to catch my attention. 

I hope you're able to enjoy the beautiful aromatic Tuliptree flowers for yourself. Like anything in nature, Tuliptrees are connected with a whole bunch of different kinds of wildlife, including certain species of butterflies. While you're making the acquaintance with your Tuliptree neighbors, give attention to the animals and insects moving on and around these sturdy trees. Often, special relationships in nature will be revealed to you. Binoculars may be helpful, because they can grow very tall!  

Every season presents it's own unique floral beauty. Last month it was Silver Maple, now it's  Tuliptree, and Catalpa will be next!

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