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Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Road Less Travelled

I felt inspired by the Robert Frost quote on this entrance sign for the Diahoga Trail. It can be found at the north-west corner of the baseball fields at Riverfront Park in Sayre, PA. 

Sometimes in life, the most inaccessible locations on the map hold the most intrigue. Aldo Leopold called the empty spots on the map "the most valuable part." A number of times in my life I’ve taken the road less travelled (in the forest as well as along life's vocational journey). Sometimes it’s the path itself. Sometimes it may mean giving attention to something new along a path known very well. With every new day the changing seasons present new living treasures along the relatively well-known Diahoga Trail. 

There are lots of ways to take the road less travelled. Walk a well-known path while giving attention to something you haven’t before. Walk a path with a friend and ask your friend to share what they notice. Chances are that your different experiences and interests will allow each of you to see and experience the path in a new light. For as long as I can recall I've been a bird-nerd. I remember a walk in the woods I took several years ago that felt to me like taking the road less-travelled. While I tended to focus on the birds, my friend Mark's fascination is with plants. That day my eyes were opened to take in the forest like I never had before through the eyes of a botanist.

Maybe taking the road less travelled means literally taking a path not travelled by many. Perhaps it means following the tracks of a deer or some other animal to see where it leads. I remember when Erin and I found and followed a Moose’s tracks for two miles!

Whether it means blazing a literal new trail or metaphorically taking the road less-travelled in your work or family life, find a way to take the path less travelled this week. We'll never know what treasures await us along the road less travelled until we go there. 

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