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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Harry's Journal: Entry #3

I was out for a run this morning and I slowed my pace to a walk when I arrived at Harry's territory. I wanted to see if I could find him and check on what he's been up to. 

From my location along the Diahoga Trail I could hear a woodpecker drumming beyond the edge of the forest in the direction of Cove Street. I continued my run, and, in roundabout fashion I made my way towards the location of the sound of the drumming. Sure enough, a male hairy woodpecker was drumming incessantly on a telephone pole where Cove Street intersects with River Street. It was close enough to where I'd previously observed Harry that I'm about certain it was him. This new information leads me to believe that Harry's territory is bigger than I had originally guessed. As I continue to keep an eye on his activities, I wonder if I'll be expanding my perceived map of his territory to include the area north of the corn field or even the forested area across the Susquehanna River for a future post. 

One of the things I find most interesting about this new information is that it suggests there is overlap between Harry's territory and that of the neighboring downy woodpecker. That's not surprising since downy and hairy woodpeckers do exhibit different foraging tactics and therefore exploit different niches in the forest ecosystem.

Here is a map showing the distance between the place where I was when I heard drumming, and the where the drumming woodpecker turned out to be. A distance of about 1000 feet.

Here is a revised map of the area that I know to be included in Harry's territory. What I had originally perceived as Harry's territory is in blue and what I now understand Harry's territory to include is in yellow.

Still no lady present. Stay tuned.

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