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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Peace on a Blanket of Moss (Algerine Swamp Natural Area; Tioga County, PA)

Welcome to the Spruce-Balsam Bog, a place of serenity.

Here happy Cranberry, Snowberry and Bunchberry flourish atop moss-laden hummock beneath evergreen bough.

Here in the Spruce-Balsam Bog are evergreen boughs fixed upon trunks that rise like spires over tranquil mossy abodes.

Here on each mossy hummock in the Spruce-Balsam Bog are berry plants brimming with gratitude for evergreen boughs which absorb all the tumult of the wind, and all the tumult in our hearts.

To be a berry in the Spruce-Balsam Bog would bring comfort indeed; Cran, Snow or Bunch makes no difference to me!









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