Kindling Neighborly Connections between People and Nature.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Making Connections and Enjoying Nature at the Diahoga Trail (10/12/2020)

The Susquehanna River is like an artist, forming and reforming the sediment, rocks, and forests that line it's banks. That was the theme of yesterday's Wild Neighbors Nature Connection event along the Diahoga Trail in Sayre, PA. We looked at some different habitat zones in the river's flood plain, broke out into small group activities to identify some of the plants, animals, insects and spiders who live there, and, like investigators we looked for evidence that the river is actively changing things along the trail. We even examined the smooth edges of river cobbles and imagined how these rocks, over the course of billions of years, may have come this present form and location.

Connections were made with nature as well as with other event participants. There were a total of 17 of us including Linda Politi, a key player in Futurescapes' Diahoga Trail Project, Marty Borko of Carantouan Greenway, Inga Wells, a member of Susquehanna Valley Audubon and instructor for the Che-Hanna Rock and Minerals Club, Monika Wood, of Bluebird Trail Farm, and three members of Athens UMC.

After leading this event, there are three things I'm excited about:

    1. There were those present who knew more than I do about various topics having to do with nature (insects, plants, rocks, etc.). I have much to learn from some of those whom I had the joy of sharing the trail with. The truth is, it's not a contest. I look forward to every opportunity to share the trail with such kind, knowledgeable, and observant people.

    2. Most if not all who participated in yesterday's event had a shared appreciation for nature and a common desire to help educate and inspire every next generation of nature-loving, environmentally-conscientious individuals. I wonder what collaborative opportunities the future might hold.

    3. Every day I get to spend time in nature is a good day for me. Yesterday was a very good day, and I am grateful for the company of my wild neighbors along the banks of the river as well as the other humans with whom I shared the trail.

Make sure you check out some of the links in this short post. In addition to the Diahoga Trail, Carantouan Greenway's Wildwood Nature Reserve is worth your visit as is Bluebird Trail Farm.

Thanks to Linda Politi for taking some photos during yesterday's event so I could include them in this post.

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