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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Special Announcement: Best Life Community reborn as Wild Neighbors Nature Connection

I've been doing some visioning and creative thinking recently and it's led me to consider that, while the name Best Life Community means something to me and to those who understand the concept behind it, it does not scream "nature" or "wild spaces" and very often requires a lengthy description to be understood. In an attempt to have a name that is more descriptive and easier to understand the meaning of, Best Life Community is being reborn as Wild Neighbors Nature Connection. The content on my website is still the same, but the new Wild Neighbors Nature Connection web address is A pretty simple and cool acronym if you ask me. Just for fun, the bird in the picture is likely a least sandpiper, but could possibly be a semi-palmated sandpiper due to the relatively sleek posture and blunt tipped beak. Part of the wonder of spending time in nature is that some animals and plants defy identification. Perhaps its enough simply to appreciate this visitor to Paines Island in Athens, PA for the unique individual that it is. I hope you are staying safe and finding time to enjoy the wild spaces near you. 





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  1. According to my "Shorebirds of North America" field guide this is a juvenile least sandpiper. Yellow/green legs limit the species and in the peeps its the only one common to our area.