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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ridgetop Saunter at Little Pine State Park (7/25/2020)

Last Saturday I got to spend some time at Little Pine State Park in Lycoming County. I sauntered the ridge of Panther Run Trail with Erin, her parents, Lynn and Gloria, and their dog, Montey. We made our way from lakeside to ridge top and a great variety of wild neighbors greeted us over the course of several miles. We foraged ripe berries from lowbush blueberry plants while back-throated-blue warblers sang in the canopy above.

There's one relatively open spot atop that ridge where a few scotch pines are growing next to a stand of small quaking aspens. It is here that I enjoyed the cricket-like trills of at least three Canadian cicadas. They are relatively small cicadas that are dark in color with a little yellow on the back.

We had the gift of encountering three timber rattlesnakes (two dark phases and one yellow phase) between the location where the Canadian cicadas were singing and the place where Panther Run Trail turns back down a steep ravine towards the creek far below.

What a great adventure it was. What a joy to get to know the Canadian cicadas, timber rattlers, and the forest as a whole at Little Pine State Park a little better.

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