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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Getting Ready to Move

Scarlet tanager (female)
The yellow warbler whose been hanging around the branches of the red maple in front of the house for about a week and a half was not there today. He has likely moved on to more appropriate breeding habitat; maybe near a marsh, creek side, or lush field edge somewhere not too far away. But, as he moves on, others are arriving. A female scarlet tanager whom I'm sure will find a more heavily forested spot for nesting flits about in the branches of the tree just outside of my home office window.

I'm finding that, as I observe the seasonal transition of avian migrants, I'm reminded of my own upcoming move. Erin and I will be moving from Wellsboro, PA to Athens, PA on June 12th. The organizing, getting rid of some things, and packing other things has commenced. Moving from one place to another is a big undertaking for us human-beings, and though they engage in this behavior more regularly than we tend to, it is a significant undertaking for the birds as well.

As our winged neighbors invest time and energy in preparation for their seasonal move to ensure that it goes well, so I should do for mine. Though I must admit that I covet how light they travel. Their preparation consists of building up energy for the trip by feasting on high-energy nutrient-rich foods while my preparation consists of boxing books, packing clothes, and cataloging all of the information that the next pastor will need to know about this house, the church, and the Wellsboro community.

Seeing as the preparation for my move requires more then gorging on my favorite foods, I anticipate that I won't be sharing nearly as many blog posts and Wildlife Tour videos during my season of transition. I will miss living in such close proximity to such amazing wild spaces as the Pine Creek Gorge, the Asaph Wild Area, and so many interesting bodies of water. However, I'm looking forward to discovering what wild neighbors are living along the banks and in the channel of the Susquehanna River where it enters Pennsylvania for the second time right there in Athens.

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  1. Best wishes on your move! I so thoroughly enjoy your analogy. I’m just beginning the preparations to sell my house and I so wish I could just gorge on my favorite foods. LOL