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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Warblers are returning!

A couple of days ago I found myself nestled in the thick of a stand of hemlocks along West Rim Trail of the Pine Creek Gorge. I'm excited to share that the forest is erupting with avian migrants! We're talking black-throated green warblers, black-throated blue warblers, and blackburnian warblers! Also with the warblers in this mixed flock were blue-headed vireos, golden-crowned kinglets, ruby-crowned kinglets, and of course, black-capped chickadees. A couple of hermit thrushes foraged on the ground beneath the flurry of activity in the mid-story of the hemlocks at the canyon's edge. I hope you enjoy this short video that I took in which you'll be able to hear the calls of a number of these species listed above; and the next time you retreat to wild spaces I hope you're able to enjoy spending time with some of these winged wild neighbors for yourself.

Here I am at a nice rock spot, with East Rim and Snyder Point in the background.

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