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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Signs of Spring (and a Wildlife Tour on Saturday!)

I was able to take note of some entomological signs of Spring while sauntering along one of our local creeks a few days ago. First, a midge perched on the branch of a small deciduous tree; then it was several dozen stoneflies meandering about on the top of crusty slowly-melting snow.

Midge. Note the long-ish legs on this tiny insect, clear wings, and fuzzy antennae. I couldn't help but marvel at those colorful iridescent wings!

Stonefly. Note the two-pronged tail that is typical of this family of insects.

Both of these species of insect typically emerge from the creeks of their origin in late-winter to breed; then upon egg-laying will come to the end of their relatively brief amphibious lives.

These little insects are just one among a number of reasons that I'm excited about Saturday's Creek and Canyon Wildlife Tour. We should get a look at some early-emergent insects and skunk cabbage as well as eagles and kingfishers. On top of that, those who are present will hear more of the story of the role that glaciers played in the current direction of Pine Creek. I hope to see you at Darling Run Access Area at 9am on Saturday morning if you can make it! Here is the full description of Saturday's upcoming Wildlife Tour:

For the Love of Wild Spaces. Gather at the Darling Run Access Area at 9:00am on Saturday February 29th to cover 4 miles of the Pine Creek Rail Trail.  Get acquainted with our Wild Neighbors along the trail as we make our way into the Pine Creek Gorge, beloved of one of the most prolific Nature Writers to have lived in this area, George Washington Sears, a.k.a. “Nessmuk.”  As we saunter along, we’ll pause to reflect on the words of Nessmuk himself.

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