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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap Year Wildlife Tour

This morning's Creek and Canyon Wildlife Tour was bitter-cold as temperatures hovered around 20 degrees F and wind gusts hit us coming out of the north. It was frigid, and because of that I only spent 40 minutes on the trail with Keith, Amy, and Todd; but those forty minutes were pretty great. A scattered flock of Canada geese honked as they fed on submerged aquatic vegetation near the edge of the creek's opposite bank, a bald eagle was observed flying overhead a couple of times, and some very large icicles hung from the rock formations directly along the trail. We sauntered from the Darling Run Access Area parking lot to the confluence of Pine Creek and Marsh Creek where we paused briefly to learn a little more about the role that glaciers played in the current direction of Pine Creek and to hear a word from Nessmuk's book, Forest Runes. We gathered a few Eastern hemlock twigs with needles on the way back so hemlock tea could be enjoyed later in the day. All in all, a good experience in a beautiful wild space!

Here's hoping that the next Creek and Canyon Wildlife Tour's will feel a little more like Spring.

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