Kindling Neighborly Connections between People and Nature.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Fall 2019 Wildlife Tour Finale

I’m pleased to report that the last organized Wildlife Tour of the Fall season was a success. Five of us gathered at the Barbour Rock Trail parking lot at 9am and proceeded along the trail. We sauntered along the gravel path to the Barbour Rock Vista and enjoyed making the acquaintance with some of our wild neighbors which included black-capped chickadees, golden-crowned kinglets, white, red and chestnut oaks, and a number of chipmunks, each of which seemed to be very busy preparing for the winter. At the Barbour Rock Vista we took in the view as well as the very interesting red cedar and the exceedingly rare dwarf juniper. Those brave enough to stand on the rock ledge overlooking the canyon did so while others enjoyed some good photo ops. Continuing southwards along West Rim Trail I think we all appreciated the white pines, Eastern hemlocks, mountain laurel and wintergreen along the path. We also heard quotes from Aldo Leopold, John Muir  and St.Francis of Assisi. To top it off we all partook in some wintergreen tea (made fresh the night before) along West Rim Trail before heading back towards the parking lot.

To those I’ve had the privilege of sauntering with today and to those who participated in any of the Fall Series of Wildlife Tours, I thank God for you as I write this reflection.

As we saunter along the mountain trails and through life in general, may we take special moments to notice and get to know the wild spaces and wildlife that inhabit this good earth, and may wildlife and wild spaces  become neighbors to us because of the love, kindness, compassion and care that we share.

Hope our paths will cross in some wild space again.



From today’s Wildlife Tour, left to right: me, Pete, Cindy, Jill,  and Laura

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