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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thank You

Today I'd like to briefly share with you one of the most profound prayers through which, when I pray it, by the power of the Spirit of God at work within me it can change my whole outlook for the better. This prayer consists of two simple words, put together. It is as follows:

Thank You.

I’ve made this prayer part of my day today and I invite you to make it part of yours.



Thank you God, for the beauty of this day.
Thank you for the breath that fills my lungs.
Thank you for the beating of my heart.
Thank you for the beauty of wildlife and wild spaces that inspires me.
Thank you for the power of your love and of the unfailing hope I've come to know in Jesus.
Thank you for all things good and beautiful.
Thank you for friends and family.
Thank you for the gift of time spent in solitude with you.
Thank you for these and so much more.

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