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Friday, August 9, 2019

Bubba-Doo Collars supports local animal rescue organizations

One very good way to live into community with all that has life is by using our purchasing power to help those in need. I like making my purchases from businesses that set aside a portion of their profits for causes that I care about.

One of those businesses is Bubba-Doo Collars, a dog collar business that is run by my friend Keirsten Simmons. Here is what Kiersten says on the Bubba-Doo Collars Facebook Page about her business:

""Bubba-Doo Collars" were inspired by my rescued pup Mugsey. 2014-2016♡ To keep his memory alive I started "Bubba-Doo Collars", they are all hand made, by me, and represent the love that is shared between a rescue pet and their human♡"

These collars are made with love, but that's not all. I believe that when the Spirit of God fills our hearts with love, that love just has to pour out into community (or at least its good when we let it!). For Kiersten, this means that a portion of her profits go to support the work of animal rescue organizations. Here is what Kiersten has to say about the most recent Bubba-Doo Collars charitable contribution:

"Hi everyone! It's time to share with you what we raised for Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries for the first month and half! Every little bit helps in the rescue business, so thank you Every one who have helped support my dream, helped keep my Bubba-Doo (Mugseys) name alive, and helped me help this rescue! I'll be writing them a $110 Check! It may seem small, but this is only the beginning! My hope is to only grow with this, and help support them and many more, with so much more!! THANK YOU again to all who supported me the last month and half!!"

I hope you find it as encouraging as I do to see Kiersten working to make this world a better place for people and animals alike through her work.

This morning I went for a walk at the Pine Creek Rail Trail with my dog Ivy who is a 65 pound pit bull terrier. My favorite words to describe Ivy are; strong, loving, and stubborn. To Erin and I, Ivy is the best dog. She also pulls a lot on our walks, and so she needs a collar that is not only fashionable 😉 but also durable. Ivy has proudly worn her Bubba-Doo Collar for about three and a half months and it definitely passes the test!

If you'd like to support my friend Kiersten in her work by purchasing a dog collar and/or leash you can stop by Wellsboro Small Animal Hospital (12043 Route 287 Middlebury Center, PA 16935) to see her Bubba-Doo Collars display there or check our her Facebook page and send her a private message if you are interested in placing an order: Bubba-Doo Collars Facebook Page.

(Ivy in the car after just finishing our walk at the Pine Creek Rail Trail. She's wearing her seatbelt for safety and sporting her Bubba-Doo Collar!)

(Ivy relaxing at home in the back yard wearing her Bubba-Doo collar)

(Here are some of the Bubba-Doo Collar designs. Photo credit: Kiersten Simmons)

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