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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The night shift

This is just a simple post for today with what I think is a very practical piece of advice.

During a recent drive after dark along Route 362 between Wellsboro, PA and Ansonia, PA I took note of all of the wildlife I saw along the roadway as I drove home. Three deer crossed the road as did a raccoon and an American toad. I witnessed a skunk walking along the edge of the roadway next to the white stripe on the outer edge (trying to blend in? 😉) I also noticed one dead deer, one dead porcupine and one dead turkey along the road.

I know that even while driving within the parameters of the posted speed limit collisions of animals and vehicles can still happen; but in my experience, when I choose not to exceed the posted speed limit I'm better able to respond to animals crossing the road so as to avoid colliding with them so we both get to go safely on our way to our respective places of residence.

Just like some others, I have exceeded the speed limit by 5 or 10 mph, so to be clear I'm not claiming any high moral ground here.

But it seems true that one of the ways that we can live into community with all that has life (especially considering how fragmented our forests are due to roads) is by choosing not to exceed the posted speed limits while driving especially after dark and especially while driving through areas that are in close proximity to wildlife and wild spaces.

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