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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Embrace your weirdness

I am a bird nerd. It's true. That's part of my weirdness which, when it is on full display often causes me to stand out.

Earlier today I once again found myself reflecting on my experience as a Camp Counselor during Worship Arts Camp at Camp Penn back in the middle of June. One very cool event which I had the joy of participating in while I was at camp there was Talent Night. During Talent Night many of the campers as well as counselors and staff shared one of their unique talents. There were singers, dancers, gymnasts, and skits. There were was one camper who had memorized the theme song from the TV show Big Bang Theory and wanted to sing it for everyone as his talent. There was a comedian who was cracking jokes in-between the different acts. There was one guy who led the whole group to make the calls of 20 different species of birds with our voices; yes, it was me with my weirdness on full display. What fun!

The cool thing is that as human beings we are all uniquely fashioned with a great variety of different kinds of weirdness.

There are all kinds of weirdness. Yes there are bird nerds like me. There are math nerds and science nerds and music nerds and more. There are people whose weirdness finds expression in their love for dogs and cats; there are people whose weirdness finds expression in their appreciation of history, or of trains, or cars, or plants, or architecture. There are people whose weirdness comes out in a love for organization or administration. There are people whose weirdness comes out when there is a Star Wars marathon on TV or when it comes time to cook a new and exciting kind of food.

At some point during each of our lives, when we first came to realize our weirdness; that not everyone is nerdy about birds like me or that not everyone is crazy about dogs like my (very cool!) Mother-in-law...there is sometimes a fear or a worry that if we allow our weirdness to shine forth that the people around us might think less of us; like we are a little too weird; that we might be judged as crazy or as too strange to hang around.

I'll tell you what I told the campers at Camp Penn; Embrace your God-given weirdness because it is a great gift. Those who make fun of the weirdness of others and pressure them to hide their weirdness from the world to fit the stereotypical mold are not the kinds of people we should surround ourselves with. God didn't make you to hide your weirdness in the closet of life; God made you to let it shine as an expression of your authentic self. Embrace your weirdness my friends, own your weirdness, and let us allow our weirdness to find full expression in our lives, because when we do God finds expression in and through us in ways that inspire those around us and create a better world.

We are all weird creations of God and that is oh so good! Let your weirdness shine like the sun!

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