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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Communion at “The Farm”

Today I was invited to a Communion experience by my friends Kieth, Amy, Russ who is a Catholic priest and Missionary, and Consue who is a Catholic Nun and Missionary. We gathered on the screened in back porch of the camp house surrounded by a beautiful forest. We each took time to share a recent experience of the Spirit of God and then to celebrate and receive the sacrament of Communion together. All the while we were serenaded by a scarlet tanager singing in the treetops and an ovenbird raising its voice in song from the forest floor. It was a very moving experience to gather as the church, that beloved community of disciples, the Body of Christ, there in that space surrounded by and immersed in all creation’s praise.

Singing birds, butterflies, water, rock, wind, sun; they all praise God our Creator by being their authentic selves, and so do we through our attentiveness to the Divine as we give ourselves to love our neighbors and enjoy life in all of its great, beautiful, and breathtaking diversity together.

And when the stars come out tonight, all creation will still be praising God; and so will we who have given ourselves to being changed by the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) at work within us in the name of Jesus Christ.

Spirit of God is intimate yet transcendent, knowable yet somehow beyond all knowing, sustaining all things, moving through all things, uniting all things into diverse community under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Living life in tune with the Spirit of God through prayer and active participation is like a dance through which God leads us; God knows the moves and our active (or act of) participation is to trust (have faith) by following the Spirit’s lead. The awesome thing is that we know where the dance will lead; deeper in love with God and others as our sense of community is expanded broader and wider than we could ever conceive of ourselves. It is this same Spirit of God that nurtures peace and harmony among people and between people and everything else that has life.

While diversity is a real and beautiful thing, whatever separation we experience from other people, wildlife, and wild spaces is an illusion.

There always was, is, and always will be one God, one Great love, one Kingdom of God, and one Spirit binding all with all in all and through all. By the power of the Spirit of God may peace and love abound in community in it’s broadest most inclusive expression, and may it begin with you and with me as we give ourselves once more to the Spirit of God who has the power to change our hearts making us more like Jesus again, and again, and again.

Thank you Russ, Consue, Amy, and Keith for a very special experience!

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