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Thursday, July 25, 2019

A change in perspective

Today I went kayaking at Ives Run Recreation Area with Erin and my Mother (Fran). I’m thankful that Mom brought two kayaks from Clarion and that my friends Bob and Dianne let me borrow one of their kayaks for the day. What a great experience! There’s nothing like being in a small boat and feeling the movement of the water directly underneath, looking out over the water, taking in an unhindered view of the hills in the distance, and  observing wildlife from a different perspective than what im used to. I think that sometimes a change in perspective is the best thing. There were a few incredible moments during today’s kayak adventure. First was the osprey that hovered in flight about 30 feet above and then plunged into the water making a big splash only 15 feet from my kayak! After which the osprey emerged from the lake having successfully caught a fish!

The other was a green heron that was making its way along the bank close to where I sat in my kayak. I got to watch it walk along the bank and then hop around the branches of a snag from the perspective of the water. Typically I observe them from land (while hiking, walking, or running) and it’s difficult to get a close-up look, but in this case a change in perspective made a huge difference. You can check out a video of the green heron below.

All of this makes me wonder how I and those around me might stand to benefit from a change in perspective in other areas of life. What might a change in perspective at home, at work , or even a change in perspective in some of our relationships look like? And how might a change in perspective give us fresh eyes to see in new ways what the Spirit of God is up to? What might a change in perspective look like for you? Does it mean going somewhere or experiencing something you never have before? Does it mean listening to a neighbor for the sake of understanding them and their outlook on the world?

Jesus took his disciples Peter, James, and John on a hike up a mountain for a change in perspective.

Today I went kayaking at Ives Run for a change in perspective of wildlife and wild spaces.

What will you do to experience a change in perspective this week?

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