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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

To those who helped a bird in need, I'm thanking God for you!

I hope today's story will be an encouraging one for all of us. It is a story about a bird, a local veterinary clinic, a volunteer transporter and one of the few wildlife rehabilitation organizations in Pennsylvania. Every part of the story involves kind people doing for an animal in need what nobody ever said they had to.

Yesterday an injured broad-winged hawk was delivered to Grand Canyon Veterinary Hospital in Wellsboro, PA. During his time there he received the name George. The staff worked to keep George stable and made arrangements for him to be transported to Centre Wildlife Care in Port Matilda, where he could receive the best possible care.

At about 11am Erin (my wife) left Wellsboro with George in her car (in a carrier, of course!). At about 1:00pm George was delivered to Centre Wildlife Care.

I am filled with hope for the way that I see God working through this whole situation from beginning to end.

When we take time to care for animals the best of our humanity inevitably shines forth.

Thank you to all who stepped up to the challenge to help a bird in need.

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