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Saturday, June 15, 2019


Today has been a day for spiritual recalibration. It started with a walk across town in Wellsboro with Ivy. Then I drove 3 hours south to State Game Lands 169 just outside the town of Newburg, PA where I was overjoyed to locate and photograph one prothonotary warbler (perfect swampy forest habitat!) and two white-eyed vireos (the photo target of the day). That big oxbow of the Conodaguinet River is totally awesome on a number of levels!

After a couple hours of birding I drove one more hour to the south to Camp Penn where I’ll be staying for the week as a camp counselor. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of campers tomorrow afternoon but I’m also very thankful for the time of reflection, retreat, and adventure I have had today and will have more of in the morning.

I need this day of recalibration because we all need a time of retreat every once in a while to take a step back from the busyness of life and recalibrate, and in doing so establish healthier rhythms and go deeper in our relationship with God and our understanding of ourselves.

Jesus took time to go to isolated places to pray. So will I, surrounded by thousands of flickering fireflies, a big moth, and a magnificent chorus of gray tree frogs. That’s how my day ends today. Thanks be to God.

 (Me at SGL 169)

 (SGL 169 prothonotary warbler habitat)

(SGL 169 white-eyed vireo habitat)

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