Kindling Neighborly Connections between People and Nature.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Guardians of the earth

Think of how small we are, yet how great a task lies before us...we are the caretakers, the stewards, the guardians the of the earth.

With the help of God there is hope for life on earth in all the fullness of its beauty and diversity to thrive.

To quote world renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall,

“There is still so much in the world worth fighting for. So much that is beautiful, so many wonderful people working to reverse the harm, to help alleviate the suffering. And so many young people dedicated to making this a better world. All conspiring to inspire us and to give us hope that it is not too late to turn things around, if we all do our part.” -Dr. Jane Goodall’s New Year Message For 2018
Let the changes God is bringing about within you...the things you care about, love, feel called to protect...let these changes that God is bringing about within you change the way you relate to others in this life. When we do this; when we respond to God's work within us and God's call upon our lives with faithfulness, courage and commitment the salvation that is God's gift to us becomes a present experience.

The salvation of Jesus Christ is not some distant heavenly assurance that we cash in on at the end of this life; it’s an ever-present reality wherever the love and justice of God bears the fruit of peace among people and peace between people and everything else that has life.

By the grace of God we are empowered!

With the help of God and each other, let’s get to work.

("Earthrise." Photo taken by astronaut Bill Anders December 24, 1968)

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