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Thursday, June 13, 2019


My friends Darren and Dinah have a water well drilling business near Clarion, PA. About a week ago a bird nest fell out of their drilling rig and in that nest was a baby bird. They tried reuniting this young bird with its parents but after a while it was clear that the little bird had been abandoned when the nest fell.

Dinah made the decision to adopt this little bird and faithfully fed it and cared for it during the past week. As you can see in the photos the little bird was doing well in her care; that is, until something truly remarkable happened. The parent birds had constructed another nest in the same rig and upon noticing this, my friends placed "Prince" into the newly constructed nest and shortly thereafter the adult pair accepted and resumed care for their little one. Dinah has reported that, as of today, Prince continues to develop well under the care of his bird parents.

This story gets me thinking about family. When we think about family we may think about our biological family; of parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings who are related by blood. Then again, our immediate human family may include people who are both biological and adopted. When we think about family maybe we also include pets and other animals whom we have adopted as part of our family. As strange as it may sound, some may even include in their concept of family their favorite house plant or tree. When we think about family we may think about the human family at large in all of our beautiful diversity; of how God would have all 7 billion human beings on planet earth live at peace with one another; when we think about the human family we may think of the golden rule, that we should treat one another as we'd like to be treated ourselves. When we think about family we may think of the family of creation; of how everything that has life is created by God and is of sacred worth; what a wonderful thing it is to be part of the family of creation!

When we think about family we may also think about church, because the church is the people who are the family of faith in Jesus Christ. I love being part of this family in which we are bound together by our faith in Jesus and by the values of faith, hope, and love.

As I think about family in all of its forms and expressions, I'm thankful to have had the joy of sharing how Dinah and Darren adopted little Prince into their family by fostering him for a week.

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