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Monday, June 24, 2019

Brownies with Brenda!

I’m going to deviate a little from my typical genre today to bring you a heart-warming-sweet-tooth-satisfying tale of occupational therapy. My friend Brenda ended up in the hospital a week and a half ago and now she is on the mend at one of Wellsboro’s local nursing facilities called The Green Home.  Occupational therapy is part of her treatment and for today’s occupational therapy they had her bake brownies. This to me was a real experience in building community; as the Green Home staff served Brenda for the sake of regaining her health and strength, she was able to serve some of them in return with homemade brownies which the baking of was part of her steps towards healing. I was glad to see Brenda today and as you can see I unknowingly arrived at the right time as I too was offered a delicious homemade brownie that was fresh from the oven!

The whole situation made me think of a particular form of worship that (in the Greek) sounds like “Latrevo.” Worship is about declaring what is most important. Latrevo is a form of worship that is about serving others as an expression of our love for God. 

In this particular case the baking of the brownies as well as their serving and consumption was a moment of worship for Brenda as she so kindly and beautifully baked and shared the fruit (I mean sweetness!) of her occupational therapy in the kitchen. I only hope that the occupational therapist’s care of my friend Brenda is just as much an exercise of worship for her/him as it was for Brenda to bake and serve her homemade dessert.

How will you engage in Latrevo worship today, declaring that God is most important in your life by giving yourself in service to others as an expression of your love for God, in Jesus’ name?

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