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Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Tiadaghton Adventure

Erin and I went to Tiadaghton today in search of timber rattlesnakes off of the Pine Creek Rail Trail. We did not find any rattlesnakes, but there were plenty of wild neighbors to appreciate from the scouring rushes along the trail to the tall sycamore trees with their sturdy frames. We identified three species of flycatchers and at least four species of warblers. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the six-spotted tiger beetles flit about on the trail.

To end our afternoon adventure on a high note I went for a swim in the cool flowing waters of Pine Creek; most definitely good for my spirit!

It was a good afternoon and a great adventure, and even though we did not locate the rattlesnakes that we had set out to find there was so much to be thankful for!

(six-spotted tiger beetle on the Pine Creek Rail Trail in Tiadaghton)

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