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Sunday, June 2, 2019

A reason to care

For Ellen it was the wolves in Canada, for Terry it was a bear sitting along the highway watching the cars go by, for Cathy it was a bobolink.

I’d be willing to bet that for some who attended Annual Conference this year it was the little pond just outside of the Hershey Lodge that had coyfish and beautiful blooming pink water lilies in it.

For me it was initially the bugs and the birds that lived in the park nearby my childhood home in Pittsburgh; since then I've found that there's something good and beautiful every day that does it.

It seems that most people have some experience with wildlife or wild spaces that captivates them; and not only that but through these personal experiences of wildlife and wild spaces the Spirit of God works invisibly within us, inspiring in us an appreciation for what we have come to know; and if our hearts are open to the possibility the Spirit of God moves us to extend love and care to wildlife and wild spaces.

What does it look like to reach out in love and service to wildlife and wild spaces? Well, it can be as simple as increasing the energy efficiency of our homes, of our workspace, and of our transportation; it can be as simple as reducing our consumption of resources; it can be as simple as using less space for ourselves. There are many ways we can make room for wildlife and wild spaces to thrive by making small (yet significant) changes in our daily lives.

A couple of the ways that Erin and I have reached out in love and service to wildlife and wild spaces over the past couple of years by making changes in our daily lives has been by expanding our garden space, eating things that take less energy to produce, and by installing energy efficient light bulbs in our home.

What is it for you? What personal experience with wildlife and wild spaces captivates your heart and inspires you to reach out in love for God through your love and service to wildlife and wild spaces?

Another very significant truth is this; when we reach out in care for wildlife and wild spaces our actions also benefit the most vulnerable human populations around the world. Furthermore, our own well-being is directly tied on the overall health of the land and all of its residents both wild and domestic. 

Loving God, we praise you for your great love for all that has life! Inspire us by the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Open our eyes to take it all in! Give us wisdom and courage as we express our love for you, our God, by the love and care we extend to wildlife and wild spaces, in Jesus' name, Amen.

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