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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

a changed heart = changes in living

Part of my life's experience is that the more I come to know about the love of God in Jesus, the more God sets my heart ablaze with love for all that has life.

When it comes to God...
 a changed heart = changes in living
Sometimes a change in heart that's brought about by the Spirit of God leads to a totally altered course and sometimes its an added inspiration to the good course we had already begun; Its always the result of God's work within us, and of our taking the time to nurture our relationship with God through prayer. A relationship with God is a lifelong experience of strength, of joy, of peace, and of hope; if our hearts have been changed by God we should expect our hearts to be changed again, and again, and again. More like you, Jesus, more like you.

Our hearts are like garden spaces where God works the soil, and when we partner with God, allowing those heart changes to find expression in our living, amazing things happen and the garden that is our life (and our lives together!) produces a beautiful bountiful life-giving harvest.

How have you experienced God working on your heart?
Change the desires of my heart, loving God, so it beats in tune with yours; and may the changes you're bringing about within me find expression in my living.

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