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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Something Sacred

Reflection from today's hike along the north end of Four Mile Run:

Some look at a forest and see dollar signs, but how can such a wonderfully complex expression of Divine creativity be worthy of anything short of our utmost care and respect? There is something sacred here and it should not be overlooked.

We cut down forests and remove wetlands to drill gas wells, build shopping complexes, factories, and even church sanctuaries while the real sanctuaries are these wild spaces that are teeming with life and ceaseless praise! My heart longs every day to worship God in the company of the gathered church in the context of the sanctuary of the great outdoors!

At the end of this life, with regard to the ways I’ve treated all that has life (my fellow humans, domestic animals, wildlife and wild spaces), I hope to hear the Lord of all creation say to me “well done good and faithful servant.”

(my wandering route in blue)

(following the creek upstream)

(small opening in the canopy as springs seep in from both sides)

(up farther and the stream becomes a slow moving trickle with many shallow channels)

(near the source, a pond in the forest, the hang out spot for a small group of least flycatchers)

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