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Friday, May 31, 2019

What a symphony!

What lies ahead for each of us as the day unfolds? With all the best planning and preparation you never can tell, right?  While the joys and challenges of this day remain yet a mystery, I am acutely aware of something steadfast and strong that is trustworthy regardless of what life brings; that is the love God has for us in Jesus. It is God’s love for each of us and for all of us that is a source of strength in good times and bad.

It is God’s creative love that inspires praise all around, as God’s love is shown to be not exclusively for human life but radically and generously encompassing of all that has life.

I’m reminded by a reading of Psalm 148 that all things praise God by being their authentic selves; fish by swimming, birds by flying, trees by turning sunlight into energy, water by flowing, the sun by shining, and that is just to name a few participants in the great symphony of unending praise of God who is the great conductor of the praise being lifted by all, in this world that’s filled with many beautiful and diverse forms of life.

Friends, let us join this great symphony of unending praise, praising God our creator with our heads, our hearts, and our hands as we worship...lifting up the name of God, bowing down before God, and reaching out to love God in our service to others.

Let us join the symphony, praising God in the loving kindness we extend to each other.

Let us join the symphony with resolve to live into community with all that has life in Jesus’ name.

Let us join the symphony, celebrating the power of God’s creative love and enjoy life together with eyes, ears, and hearts open to taking in the great symphony of unending praise in all of its wonderful beauty and diversity!

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