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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wood frogs! (a walk with Ivy along Pine Creek Rail Trail at Darling Run)

Ivy and I had a nice adventure on the Pine Creek Rail Trail today. We got to the Darling Run Access Area of the Pine Creek Rail Trail around 3pm and spend an hour on the trail walking about 1 mile to the south and then back again. Pine Creek and its tributaries have good springtime waterflow but not too much. We saw a couple of Canada geese preparing a nest site on one of the small islands. The leaves of skunk cabbage plants are opening. There was a spot of coyote scat on the trail. What I was most excited about was getting to experience the mating calls of wood frogs in two of the small pools just south of the Darling Run parking area. As you can hear in the Youtube video posted below, the wood frogs sound kind of like ducks...kind of. This is one more testament to the fact that the best way to live into community with many creatures is to give them space. What would have happened if the parking lot was expanded into the area where the frogs engage in their courtship ritual every spring? Valuable habitat would be lost and these wood frogs at Darling Run with it. I'm thankful that these small pools and surrounding shrubby habitat have been preserved and that those who travel along this trail in early spring have an opportunity to get better acquainted with this truly remarkable amphibian.

Here are a few additional photos from our walk/run along the rail trail today:

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