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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My Mt. Tom adventure today (a quiet place to rest...or to sweat...or maybe both)

It was a busy morning. A visit to Broad Acres Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. Time given to a couple of people who are going through a rough time. Living into community with those who are struggling (if we're honest I think we are all engaged in some kind of struggle) and those who are stuck in a nursing home is mentally and emotionally taxing. As a pastor I'm aware that I'm in league with a great variety of people working in human service positions. Most if not all of us do give ourselves in service to others in some fashion. It really takes a toll.

This is one more place where we'd be wise to follow the example of Jesus. Jesus gave a huge amount of his time and energy in service to people who were stuck and struggling. But Jesus found a balance in his life and ministry. Jesus was intentional about taking time to go to isolated places to pray and to rest.

A break from the action. That is something that we all need; not just when its convenient or when we have some spare time; but as an essential component of living a healthy, balanced, and productive life.

I know that I needed to go to a quiet place to rest for a while today. Well, actually it was more like finding a quiet place to hike and sweat; but it served the same purpose.

I went for a walk/jog/hike through the woods up and down the Mt. Tom Trail. Here is a photographic narration of my own time spent off in a quiet place to experience rest, retreat, and rejuvenation:

(trailhead at Darling Run Access Area)

(Someone's helium balloon ended up in the woods!)

(Creek crossing)

(False summit #1)

(It's the steep route for me!)

 (False summit #2-getting steeper)

 (False summit #3)

(False summit #4)

(False summit #5- getting even steeper and I'm feeling it!)

(false summit #6)

(The final ascent!)
(Mt. Tom vista looking west)


(I'm not sure if you can tell but I'm sweating profusely in this photo!)

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