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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Growing HOPE for a sustainable Tioga County Homeless Initiative

Darren explained to me that the land use around the Tioga County Homeless Initiatives shelter is soon to be an operation in permaculture. Permaculture, he said, is when all of the green space available is used to grow things that can be eaten or sold.

I was there this evening with Tony to drop off the dinner meal to the shelter that was made by Bonnie. One of the first things I noticed upon our arrival was all of the garden space that is being prepared there. Take a look at the pictures below; there is the raised garden beds in the back yard, the grow room (with reflective panels and solar lighting), and last but not least, the worm farm which has been affectionately named "Wormville."

Things are set to be a very interesting growing season this year on the property owned by TCHI and it's because Darren, who has experience in different types of farming operations, has volunteered his time, energy, and creativity to help the Tioga County Homeless Initiative to take steps towards increased financial and ecological sustainability.

Talk about living into community with all that has life! This should allow for at least two very important things to happen simultaneously; one, for shelter residents to enjoy healthy homegrown food out of garden spaces they have helped tend, and two, a reduced carbon footprint as TCHI does their part to extend kindness to all that has life.

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to hearing more about this permaculture operation as the story unfolds, and as a resident of Tioga County I'm hoping that I am able to give some of my time to help with the gardening.

(Tony on the left and Darren on the right)

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