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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cold hands, warm bellies, kind hearts

Today I got to spend the early afternoon hours with Daffodil and Maggie. They are dogs who are currently at Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries and both were looking for their forever home as they greeted people at the annual Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries Chili Cook-Off which was once again held at Rockwells Feed Farm and Pet Supply just outside of Wellsboro.

It always fills my heart with joy and hope when I see community coming together in support of animals who need our care. It was a cold day, and the wind was so strong that the canopy had to be tied off to a truck; but as the chili warmed our bellies the love shared by people and animals alike warmed our hearts. Money was raised to help support the mission of Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries and Daffodil may have found her forever home.

That being said, as of this moment Daffodil and Maggie are both up for adoption, as are a number of other dogs and cats at Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries. Stop by for a visit. You'll be glad you did.

(Daffodil eyes up some chili as I try for a decent picture!)

(Daffodil expressing her kind and gentle demeanor)

(Daffodil is very sleepy from meeting so many people!)

(Maggie looks out the car window at a stop light on our way back to Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries)

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  1. It was so special for these two "lovely ladies" to get the opportunity to share their love with the public. Thank you, Rich, for being Daffodil's 'foster dad' for the day!