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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Childhood memories bring hope for today's youth

 "There it is!," said one of the kids, as we all stood at the edge of the woods taking in the beauty of a house wren perched on a branch 10 feet in front of us singing up a storm! It was such a joy to share some of the beauty and inspiration that wildlife can bring with the 18 current members of the Wellsboro Middle School Nature Club today. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as they got their (maybe first ever) good looks at house wrens, a Carolina wren, and an Eastern towhee gifted me with flashbacks to some very good memories from my childhood.

Some of my earliest childhood memories that have stuck with me are of turning over rocks around the house in Pittsburgh to collect millipedes and potato bugs. I would gather them in a plastic container, watch them for a while, and then let them go. When I was 12 or 13 it was the birds in Phillip's Park (a neighborhood park just up the street from my childhood home) that captured my attention. Cardinals, blue jays, red-bellied woodpeckers, and others; and I will never forget the Carolina wren who made a home on the front porch of the house where I grew up. In the evening I would sit on the front porch and observe him as he came to his nighttime roost. He would perch on the railing first and let our some calls... "Cheer!...Cheer!...Cheer!" After a few minutes he'd hop up into the end of the rolled up sunshade blinds and tuck in for the night. At about that time in my life, a friend of my grandparents, a man by the name of Abe Sally, gave me my first pair of binoculars (Tasco 10x50) that would be good for birding.  Using those binoculars I reveled in seeing turkey vultures and red-tailed hawks ride high on the winds! One day, I was watching over the bird feeders and noticed a speck way high up in the sky. Right away I knew it was a hawk. I trained my binoculars on it, and very quickly it got closer...closer...closer...and before I knew it a Cooper's hawk made dinner out of one of our resident house sparrows that it picked off right there at the feeder in our front yard!

My experience, as life progressed through middle school, high school, and eventually college, is that the more I came to know about the love of God in Jesus the more God set my heart ablaze with love for all that has life.

I understood that Jesus spoke of loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves. I grew to understand every creature as a neighbor who is worthy of my respect and care because first and foremost, we are all loved by God our creator.

As I reflect upon my own story I have hope that this next generation will grow in their love for all that has life as more and more they are given opportunities to take in the beauty and wonder of birds and other wild things.

Here are some of the photos from my time with the Wellsboro Nature Club today:

(A student trains his binoculars on a Carolina wren (circled in yellow) that I managed to call in with my bluetooth audio device (circled in orange).

(One of two very cooperative house wren's that the kids got to enjoy) 

 (A Carolina wren, not to be outdone by the house wren, made an appearance and perched on top of a pile of logs offering fantastic views for all!)

 (An Eastern towhee, which fellow birdwalk leader Sean Minnick initially heard a way's off, came in close upon being lured in by my bluetooth audio device. The towhee perched 15 feet above the ground maybe 20 feet in front of us, and threw its head back letting out a very loud "DRINK-YOUR-TEEE!")

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