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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Beautiful things

I couldn't help but notice the beauty of the wildlife this morning as I walked across town; robins and a Ruby crowned kinglet singing along Waln Street, a fish crow munching on a piece of fried fast food (which I presume he collected from McDonald’s) while perched atop a telephone pole at the intersection of Waln and Pearl Streets. The fish crow said to me, “uh-uh!” in typical fish crow fashion. I also noticed flowers and trees reaching full bloom on this sunny day in April. It all just felt so sacred and special.

All of that I count as the first beautiful thing that I noticed.

The second beautiful thing I noticed were all of the people giving of themselves in care for others through the ministry of the Wellsboro Area Food Pantry. As I entered the church building I could hear  a beautiful melody coming from the church hall and it turned out to be one of the recipients of the food pantry ministry playing the piano to bring a little more joy into this space.

With so much goodness and beauty inside the church building and out in the world around us, my prayer is that the sacredness of this beauty, joy, and compassion would infiltrate all of the spaces where there is trouble and sorrow in this world, as the light shines in the darkness. By the grace of God in Jesus through God’s Holy Spirit living in us the light of God’s beauty and love shines into the darkness of trouble and sorrow with radiant power, and nothing can stop it.

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