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Monday, April 15, 2019

A bumble in need

I found this bumble bee upside down on the sidewalk today. At first I feared that it might have come into contact with deadly lawn treatments; but thankfully that wasn't the problem. It was just too cold and windy today. After several days of relative warmth today the temperatures took a plunge, just enough to cause the insects who have emerged from their wintering sites to be slowed into a state of torpor.

I placed the arm of my jacket near the ground and the little bumble was able to slowly crawl onto it. The warmth from my body radiating through the jacket was just enough to bring some life back into this little insect; but I didn't want to warm it up too much because I knew that would increase its metabolism and I didn't see very many flowers around. It certainly was not a day to be flying from flower to flower as it would on a warmer day.

So I gave it a space of temporary refuge under a bucket in the back yard. I placed rocks around it to hold the bucket in place so the wind would not blow it over. I left an open crack on one side where the bucket meets the ground so the little bumble can emerge when it wants to.

When I pause to consider what perilous times these are for pollinators and how vulnerable this bumble was on the sidewalk these words of Jesus flash through my mind, "whatever you do to the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you do it to me." I do believe that when we take time to give ourselves in service to our wild neighbors, especially those most vulnerable, we give ourselves in service to the Lord of all creation himself, Jesus Christ.

I hope we will all be given opportunities this week to take time to care for the most vulnerable of our wild neighbors.


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