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Friday, March 8, 2019

What inspires you?

As my leadership conference ended on Wednesday and I am now two days into a five day Florida vacation I’m feeling relaxed and revitalized already. Whether it’s a day or a weekend retreat or a full fledged week long vacation, part of living our best lives possible is taking a step back from the business for a time of rest, revitalization, and renewal. During the drive from Orlando (location of the conference) to Venice (vacation spot!) my prayer was, “ok God; what do you have for me during this time of retreat and rejuvenation?” I percieve that at least part of God’s intention for me during this time of retreat is to allow myself to be inspired and to dream big. Already God has inspired me with a fresh vision of my calling. I want to encourage you to take some time to experience a retreat from the busyness of the good work that you do too. Don’t wait until it’s convenient. Don’t put it off until you finish up all that’s on your yo-do list. Plan your time of retreat into your schedule and make it a priority. Who knows what good vision God might have for you or how the Spirit of God may bring you healing and restoration of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. As I continue my retreat with attentiveness to the Spirit of God I will be taking a five day hiatus from my daily blog; so the next post will be on Thursday March 14th. In the meantime I hope you have at least a few moments of retreat in which you are able to ask, “God, what do you have for me during this time of retreat?” Here are s few of the creatures that have inspired me:

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