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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Solitude in community

There were moments during this-afternoon's hike at Barbour Rock Trail along the West Rim of the Pine Creek Gorge when I had the experience of solitude in community; as the stress and busyness of  work and other social responsibilities in human community fade away I find myself drawn into community with all that has life along this trail. The snow is thawing. The vultures have returned. Trees and plants are beginning to wake from their winter dormancy. The seasons are transitioning under a clear blue sky.

Erin and I thoroughly enjoyed our "Neighborhood Tour" along Barbour Rock Trail this-afternoon, and here is a video and some photos of our getting acquainted with all that has life on that short trail.

(Pine Creek Gorge from Barbour Rock (facing north)- Photo credit Erin Hanlon)

(Pine Creek Gorge from Barbour Rock (facing south))

(eastern hemlock-our PA state tree!)

(red pine-large square holes indicate a pileated woodpecker has been here)

(red oak- photo credit Erin Hanlon) 

(white oak- photo credit Erin Hanlon)

(chestnut oak-note blocky bark-photo credit Erin Hanlon) 

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