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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Powerful Prayers

As we live our best lives possible, part of living lives that are rooted in relationship with God is being people of prayer; and prayer is about attentiveness to God’s presence, speaking to God (whether out loud or silently with our thoughts), and listening with the ear of our heart for God’s response. I was part of an incredible experience of prayer with others from my group who attended the leadership conference in Orlando Florida. In a moment of recognizing God’s call four members of our group were prayed over as others in the group took turns praying out loud to God for them. There were prayers for strength, wisdom, and guidance. There were prayers for God to lead their way. There were prayers that the lives they live and the call they are responding to be not about them but about something powerful, loving, and new that God is working to create in the world through them. There were prayers that they would have a heart and mind to lean into God every step Of the journey ahead.
I’m sure you’ve had it happen that in a conversation with someone the request has come up as they have said to you “pray for me.” Today I want to encourage you to be bold; recognize the sacred space God has created in that moment; and whether you are in a house, in a hotel lobby, in a park, the grocery store...this is to say that wherever that sacred space is presented, pray for that person in that moment. It may feel frightening and scary to take that step but trust in God’s Spirit living in you; take that step in faith for God’s sake and for the sake of another and all parties will be richly blessed because of it. Take time to pray with someone who needs it today; and let’s be honest, we all could use a prayer.

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