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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Patient and bold (like a lizard!)

I went back to the giant Banyon tree today to spend some time getting to know it’s residents. They are small yet mighty; about the size of a hand, scaly, and brownish-green. If you’ve ever been to Florida (or if you currently live there) you know that I’m talking about anole lizards. After spending time with them I’ve decided that I want to be like an anole lizard; patient, yet bold to take action when it is necessary. I’m not saying that I want to be bold to eat insects and defend my territory; instead I want to exhibit lizard like boldness when it comes to loving others and responding to God’s call upon my life. And I want to exhibit lizard-like patience especially when it comes to listening to others to understand their situation clearly so that I can be certain that the help I provide in loving people and helping others to understand and respond to God’s call is a) warranted b) not unsolicited and c) actually helpful! I think that perhaps we could all benefit from being a little more lizard-like when it comes to these things.

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