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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Impossible Magnitude- Profound Call

My friend Dave shared a video with me today. It is a real work of art, containing images taken from the Hubble Telescope with orchestra music by 8000 people from all over the world, a great symphony gathered for the most impressive photographic experience that takes us on a journey into deep space, as far as modern technology will allow is to witness at this point.

There are a few thoughts I take away from this experience having taken the 24 minutes to watch the video.

We are so small!

The universe is so immensely huge!

As the video suggests taking in the vast expanse of the universe is an impossible magnitude to fathom.

The earth is so incredibly small in comparison to the universe and exists in a delicate balance that supports life in many varied forms.

 How profound God's call upon our lives is. To love. To live into community with all that has life in Jesus' name.

The best way for each of us to love and live into community with those who will live on this earth after we are gone is to care for the earth in the here and now; this tiny speck in a vast cosmos that exists in such a delicate balance, supporting many unique and diverse forms of life.

What will you do to live in such a way that you do your part to live into community with all that has life in the here and now as well as with generations that are yet to come?

Jesus modeled for us an ever expanding love that is patient and kind, and it is a love that never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.

What does it look like to share this kind of love with all that has life for the sake of working together like the great symphony orchestra in this video for the sake of the health of this good God-given earth that we call home?

(Not my image- from Hubble Deep Field Space Telescope)

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