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Saturday, March 9, 2019

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it!

I said I was going to take 4 days off from blogging but I experienced something truly incredible today and needed somewhere to write it down to share it; so, here it is. Erin and I happened upon a tree that was of massive proportions today while riding bicycles across town. It was so big that my first thought was “I wouldn’t believe this if I hadn’t seen this with my own two eyes!” In a number of ways this outward reflection is a mirror image of the vision which God has opened the eyes of my heart to, which is one of truly massive proportions as well! I’m still working on it. But the invitation that God gives us is to believe where we have not seen. To believe, at least as Jesus talks about it in the Gospel accounts of Matt, Mark, Luke, and John, is an active word. To believe in God is to trust God so much that God lives (finds expression in the world) through us. Jesus believed that 5000+ people could be fed with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish before it happened. Jesus believed that a paralyzed man’s back could be restored before God worked through Jesus to make it happen. To believe in God is to partner with God in the vision God has for our lives. In my own experience God opens my eyes to see the vision of what God has for me or would have me do, and then it is my turn to believe that it will happen; that there is nothing to big, to daunting, or too challenging that it cannot be accomplished with the help of God. Is there an even bigger tree than this banyan out there somewhere? Is there a bigger plan/vision for your life or mine than the one we are currently living? Maybe this is just me reflecting on God’s larger vision for my life. Maybe it has nothing to do with you; then again, maybe it does. Has God given you a big and challenging vision for your life? Will you give yourself to that vision, believing that what God has shown you will come to fruition with the help of God and with your investment? My prayer for today is that God will make a way and show each of us our next step towards turning our God-given dream/vision into reality.

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