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Friday, March 22, 2019

Social Justice Power Couple

I met up with my friends Joe and Kacie Hopkins at the Native Bagel restaurant in Wellsboro this afternoon when they stopped by for a visit.

I don't get to spend very much time with them but when I do I always find myself encouraged. Each of them is so profoundly community focused that together they are a social justice power couple!

I was encouraged to hear about some conservation initiatives that Joe is working on with the United Churches of Lycoming County. When we work to preserve the environment, we pave the way for a healthy world for all.

I also counted it as a great encouragement to hear that Joe was approved for ordination in the United Methodist Church at our annual gathering as a conference at the end of May. Thanks for giving me one more reason to look forward to Annual Conference Joe!

Kacie should count as an inspiration to all of us in the way that she has so boldly pursued her dream of empowering women in rural communities in partnership with her sister Kaitlyn through their organization which is called Wildflower Enterprises. Since Kacie and Kaitlyn have written about what they do better than I ever could I've copied the following information that is in quotes from their website which you'll see a link to father down this page.  

"We connect women in rural communities around the world who want to be leaders for empowerment and social change."

"Kacie is an artist with a background in teaching violence prevention. The main issues she has worked on are preventing sexual violence, domestic violence and trafficking.  She has also worked with survivors of violence for around 5 years now.  Kacie has studied Global Affairs and is passionate about sustainable mission work."

"Kaitlyn is an artist and has a background in management. She has and currently serves in retail management. She has been doing this close to 10 years.  She is passionate about employee rights and has created leadership programs and trainings for stores and workplaces. She is also a loving mom to her son."

"We are a sustainable enterprise and we teach women in rural communities how to create individual and community sustainability through design. Wildflowers can be seen growing and living in strong winds, snow and extreme heat. There are hundreds even thousands of different types. Wildflower Enterprises consists of various programs. We are passionate about storytelling and believe everyone has the right to tell their story to inspire others and make a positive impact on the world."

These two sisters are now working to expand their global advocacy and develop rootedness in the places they currently call home.

Part of living into community with all that has life is living into community with people who are in need of empowerment. If you are encouraged by the  ways that Joe and Kacie are living into community in Jesus' name, I invite you to check out these websites:

Wildflower Enterprises

United Churches of Lycoming County

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