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Monday, February 11, 2019

They are all Superheroes to me

Today I got to spend a couple of hours in some very good company. What you'll see in the photos below are many of the people who give their time to help those who are in need of one of the basic necessities of life; food. To me these people are more than volunteers; they are like superheroes. In fact, every one deserves a cape like superman for the way they so generously give of their time and energy as servant leaders in the community.  Nancy, Tracy, Gerald, Skip, Joe and others show us what it looks like to live like Jesus; to give ourselves in service, doing what we can to help meet the community's most critical needs.

The Wellsboro Food Pantry itself is a product of all of the churches in Wellsboro (representing a variety of church traditions) working together to meet a common need. The pantry is 100% volunteer operated and is run through the support of donations as well as government funding. The Wellsboro Area Food Pantry which operates out of the building of the United Methodist Church of Wellsboro at 36 Main Street is open the second Monday and fourth Tuesday each month from 10am-1pm. Between those who days there are about 200 families who benefit from the ministry of the Wellsboro Area Food Pantry each month. Among those who give of themselves in service are members of various churches and other community organizations, employees of Shell Gas Company, and participants in Tioga County Community Service.

Every time I am able to help out it feels like such a privilege to serve along side each of these individuals who are so deeply committed to the well-being of our community by giving themselves in love and service to each and every person who walks through the doors. Part of the DNA of this food pantry ministry is to treat every recipient in a way that all who come through the line experience being valued, known, and loved. Personally, as someone who seeks to follow the example of Jesus and his apostles it is my feeling that to stand in close proximity to these servant leaders in our community is to stand in close proximity to Jesus.

To all of you who so generously give of yourselves; thank you for your investment in the community, for your example, and for inspiring the rest of us.

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